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Zayn’s isolated vocal from the chorus of WMYB interwoven with Harry’s solo (x)

it’s so funny how my opinion on larry has changed over the last year


At first, when I saw the video diaries and how close they were on X-Factor, I thought Louis was the one who was head over heels for Harry, because he was constantly touching and messing around with him and saying cute homosexual things to him all of the time. Don’t get me wrong, you could tell Harry felt mutually because of the way he looked at Louis like he was the best person in the entire world, but I always thought it was Louis who really showed his love the most.

But now, recently it seems as though it’s Harry who can’t hide his immense love for Louis. Lately there have been so many moments where Harry’s shown jealousy or possessiveness over Louis, and Louis’ kind of toned down the touchy-feely stuff whereas Harry has become more touchy-feely. Oh and Harry still looks at Louis like he’s Jesus or something, with those heart eyes that would make any girl melt if a guy stared at them like that. And with El in America Harry’s been acting so funny…

it just seems they’ve completely switched roles. Either that or Louis has become much better at hiding his feelings, and Harry’s become much worse.

Idk…just something I’ve noticed

like here are some gifs to back me up:





im crying


remember that time zayn and liam forgot they were part of the band?

hahaha liams reaction tho! it gets me everytime lln


matching divas


matching divas




sweet puppy

Zayn Malik is a dirty dancing slut.